About me

Kornelije PetakLet’s start with the most obvious – I’m an introverted programmer.

It’s a common knowledge that introverts are bad at describing themselves.

So, I’ll do it in terms of the things I like and the things I don’t.

  • I like quiet. I can sit in silence for hours, coding my brains out, and I won’t mind.
  • I don’t like interruptions. So just don’t! (My wife is excluded from this restriction.)
  • I like compilers, languages, paradigms.
  • I don’t like Javascript.
  • I like Javascript. Don’t ask!
  • I don’t like Visual Basic. Not even worth explaining.
  • I like C#. Because it just makes sense. And of course, now comes Roslyn.
  • I don’t like Linux. Don’t even know why – perhaps tradition. (I don’t think it’s bad, I just simply don’t like it)
  • I like game development. The complexity and interaction in them are simply challenging enough.

On this blog, most of the time I’ll talk about conceptual ideas in programming. Maybe something about languages, maybe something about game development. I guess we’ll just have to see. I might be forced to update this description after some time.

Only time will tell!

If you want to contact me, @kornelijepetak!